Why visit Baku, Azerbaijan!

Posted on: October 25, 2016

I am serving my Fulbright assignment in Azerbaijan this Fall.My son, 12 year old, and I have been in Baki since September.

I have met so many scholars who has shared amazing resources with me.  My colleague, Nailye Sadikhova, who is the professor of Philology at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University shared with me her wisdom this morning.

I have learned that Afred Nobel made his fortune in Baku. Today, Nobel price money today originated from Baku Oil.

City is not only rich in oil/gas (neft) but it is rich with culture. I am looking forward to sharing my stories.

Peace, Melda

Cited: http://azer.com/aiweb/categories/magazine/ai102_folder/102_articles/102_nobels_asbrink.html


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