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Job 4 NJ- http://jobs4jersey.com/

BankStreet Job Opportunities

How Interviewers Know When to Hire You in 90 Seconds

We can’t get enough about the art of interviewing in these times. We all fret job interviews and prepare as much as possible but there is little way of predicting their outcomes. Well at least we have some cool stats in this infographic complied by our friends at Come Recommended:
33% of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone
Having little to no knowledge of the company is the most common mistake made during interviews (see: How To Plan Ahead for the Interview)
67% of bosses say that failure to make eye contact is a common nonverbal mistake
When meeting new people, 55% of the impact comes from the way the person dresses, acts and walks through the door
65% of bosses indicate that clothes could be a deciding factor between two almost-identical candidates (see: What To Wear To An Interview)
The number one question most likely to be asked is: “Tell me about yourself”
The number one most common mistake at a job interview is: failing to ask for the job


1) Sign up for http://www.collegecentral.com/kean/

2) Check the career fairs.

3) Get your resume and cover letter ready.

4) Make an appointment with career services department at Kean to go over your resume and cover letter.

5) Start collecting your references (2-3)… at least contacting your professors and asking them if it is OK to include their name and contact for job applications.

6) Suggest having a LinkedIN account for outlining your resume.

7) Register http://www.collegecentral.com/kean/

8) Check Career Services at Kean – http://www.kean.edu/~career/teacher_jobfair.html

Career Services- http://www.kean.edu/~career/employers.html

9) Sign up Teaching positions at the following web sites:
* http://www.NJHire.com Education recruitment network for New Jersey

* NJ Teaching Jobs

10) Write your resume and share with me and a couple of other confidants for feedback.

11) Explore examples

Cover Letter- http://www.bc.edu/offices/careers/resourcesfor/soeresources/edcover.html

Resume: http://jobsearch.about.com/od/sampleresumes/a/sampleresume2.htm


ASCII format- http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-create-a-plain-text-ascii-resume0.html
Search Jobs- http://www.collegecentral.com/kean/


Academic Jobs online- https://academicjobsonline.org

Academic Careers http://www.academiccareers.com/

Diversity.com http://www.diversity.com/

Higher Education Recruitment Jobs http://www.hercjobs.org/

Ladders https://member.theladders.com

Simply Hired- http://www.simplyhired.com/

For Millburn, NJ- http://www.simplyhired.com/local-jobs/millburn-nj

SnagAJOB http://www.snagajob.com/

NJ Jobs- http://www.nj.com/jobs/

Indeed http://www.indeed.com/


Career Builder http://www.careerbuilder.com/

Academic Keys http://www.academickeys.com/

Higher Education Recruitment Consortium http://www.hercjobs.org/

On Ramps- http://www.on-ramps.com/

Career OneStop http://www.careeronestop.org/
Chronicle of Higher Education https://chroniclevitae.com/job_search/new?cid=chenav

Monster http://www.monster.com/

Academia360- http://www.academic360.com/

Higher Ed Jobs- http://www.higheredjobs.com/

Inside Higher Ed- http://careers.insidehighered.com/

Jobs in Millburn, NJ area- http://www.millburnonline.com/jobs/

Job Bank Info http://jobbankinfo.org/default.aspx/

NJ Jobs- http://www.state.nj.us/nj/employ/seekers/

Zip Recruiter https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs

Job Search USA- http://www.jobsearchusa.org/

Resume samples- http://www.livecareer.com/resume-samples

NWSA: Job Portal
Feminist Majority Foundation: Job and Internship Search
Feminst.com- Market Place: Job Searchl

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt http://careers.hmhco.com/jobsearch/

Global Education




NYU- https://www.nyucareers.com/applicants/jsp/shared/Welcome_css.jsp

Manhattan College- http://manhattan.edu/about/human-resources

Columbia University- https://jobs.columbia.edu/applicants//jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.jsp

Teachers College- http://www.tc.columbia.edu/dean/index.asp?Id=Faculty+Searches&Info=Faculty+Searches




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